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YouTubers Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee chat with STACK

Besties, roommates, YouTube sensations, and all ‘round lovely, down to earth lads Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee (ship name: Jaspar? Naw) have teamed up with the BBC to bring us Joe and Caspar Hit the Road, in stores December 2.

The hilarious and humble pair have just spent seven days working around Europe, simply trying to make enough cash to survive the week. Thankfully for us they're pretty crap at the jobs they found… which leads to some very fun viewing indeed.

After some wonderfully-British chit-chat about the weather, tea and their love of Australia (yay!) we managed to squeeze in a few questions about their hand in revolutionising the entertainment industry, their upcoming movie, and how one of Caspar's farts could have cost the BBC production team thousands.

Sally: With nearly 11 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 billion views between you (!), what would you say your appeal is to your audience?

Joe: The viewers feel like we're their best mates. They watch us so often they know us. We're just ordinary people doing cool things and there's not a time we're away from them – we are constantly out there.

Caspar: Also, the people we do videos with are all friends; the viewers are watching genuine friendships unfold on YouTube. They're watching other people have fun. We'll do videos where the audience is in them too... they give us dares or questions. We try to make people laugh as much as possible.


[the boys trying out modelling in Milan - cuute] 

Sally: Looking ahead do you think you'll be vlogging and YouTubing when you’re 60? Pranking each other during lawn bowls or racing your mobility scooters?

Caspar: I'd love to do it in some way; that would be insane. That would be the dream. Right now, every week feels like there something new to talk about or create and it's so fun, it's like, I don't want it to stop.

Joe: I think when we're 60, [technology will be so advanced] there’ll be cameras hovering in front of our faces, doing it all for us! At the moment – touch wood – YouTube is becoming bigger and bigger, so it won't stop.

Caspar: We're going to keep dabbling with the higher production value videos too, as [Joe and Caspar Hit the Road] has been such a cool experience for us. We do love travelling, and the whole experience with Hit the Road has been amazing.


['cleaning' the super yacht]

Sally: You boys live together, work together and just travelled across Europe in 'Katie the camper van' together. Did it ever get too much – were there any rows or fisticuffs?

Joe: Yeah, we just sort of get on. Even in our house we have never had a falling out.

Caspar: I remember every single night we were in the camper van thinking “Holy crap, is this real? Are we really travelling across Europe with the guys that made Top Gear?” We were just so happy the whole time because it's not something you can even dream of: sitting in your bedroom making videos on YouTube and end up working with these guys at BBC.


[crisps for dinner in Katie the camper van, after a days hard graft]

Sally: The film is so much fun to watch; how was it working with a crew and not with just one camera in your bedroom?

Caspar: The vibe is fun, eh. The crew were so involved, that's what we liked about this whole thing: breaking the fourth wall. We definitely learned a lot – we got a tip from the sound guy who said we needed new microphones, which we've already done.

Joe: We really tried to make the film feel good... like in our videos. We aim to make them fun, like a little escape from whatever the viewer is doing. We want people to have a laugh for a bit, so to do that for an hour and 20 minutes is brilliant.


[the crew]

Sally: Of the seven jobs you worked in, which was your favourite?

Joe: I think mine was the singing waiter; it was such a laugh. It was terrifying though, I have never been so scared. I'm not really used to doing the public pranks, where as Caspar is. I'm always worried about how people are going to react and stuff... I know how Caspar reacts to pranks and he can't shout at me because he's my roommate. Also, I was pretty chuffed with my portrait painting too, although the girl I drew wasn't so happy. I got told by [director] Brian afterwards to give her a hug and tell her she was beautiful. It was so bad.

Caspar, with an extremely serious tone: The pizza making. Marcella De Marco, the best pizza maker in Verona, is such an inspiration to me. [Mmm pizza – Ed.]


[Joe, the singing waiter - tee heee]

Sally: Were there any scenes that didn’t make the film?

Joe: Oh yeah, there was one bit that didn't make the film...

Caspar: No, Joe.

Joe: So, when you're filming in the camper van, you have to keep the windows closed for sound reasons...

Caspar: C'mon Joe, stop it.

Joe: It was a really hot day and we were by Lake Garda, and Caspar farted in the camper van.

Caspar: Oh God.

Joe: No joke, it lasted for an hour and it wouldn't go because we couldn't open the windows. It was that bad it actually made my eyes sting.


[Caspar Lee in his fancy scarf]

Sally: Now I want you to do my job for me! Ask each other a question about the film, please.

Joe: Ooh, OK. Caspar if we did Hit the Road 2, which country would you like to travel around?

Caspar: It'd be cool to go to Africa... that would be interesting and it's definitely different out there. And Australia is just so cool, and on my mind. [Hooray – come back soon please, lads! – Ed.]

Caspar: Joe, What actually happened with the Gondolier coach you had a crush on in Venice?

Joe: Julia? She's invited to the premiere I think, so hopefully I'll see there, haha. She'd be like, “I didn't even know I was in this thing, what is going on!?”

Totes adorbs ♥

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